5 easy and delicious recipes you make amid lockdown and still enjoy!

Coronavirus cases are mounting day by day and to protect people from this pandemic, India and many other countries are under lockdown for a while. Gyms, colleges, offices, schools, malls and theatres all across the globe are closed. Cooking meals could be a little tricky when one is an amateur at cooking. Here are some easy recipes, one can cook at home without much bother.

1. Chappati Vegetable Roll

This is a swift recipe and it can just make your life very smooth. All you need is some chappati and some vegetables of your preference. This dish can be prepared within 15-20 minutes and it can be your lifesaver. Check out the recipe.

2. Masala Maggi

When you’re just too sluggish to make something extravagant but still want to have a yummy meal, one can always run for maggi and have it. It’s a very simple recipe and can be cooked in less than 15 minutes.

3. Paneer Chilli

Who doesn’t like a delicious Paneer chilli!! This tasty dish is very easy to cook at home and does not take too long. The recipe is very simple and you can have your paneer chilli ready in less than 20 minutes. Check out the recipe.

4. Vegetable Manchurian

Cooking this dish is very easy and gives amazing taste when it’s done. Check out the recipe.

5. Vegetable Rice

This is a quick recipe and it can just make cooking very easy. All you need is some rice and some vegetables of your choice. Your vegetable rice can be prepared within 20 minutes and it can be your lifesaver. Check out the recipe.


Make your quarantine delicious with these amazing recipes!!!

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