A tête-à-tête With Insecure And Depressed Millennial

A tête-à-tête With Insecure, Depressed Millennial

A tête-à-tête With Insecure And Depressed Millennial

I remember sitting in a cab when the person who was pooling with me looked back and asked, “Are you Udita Pal from Instagram?” I smiled and nodded and then she said, “Oh you look pretty in pictures”. Every time I narrated this incident a lot of my friends had a good laugh, even I did up to a point, and then I realised how offensive that statement was.

A tête-à-tête With Insecure And Depressed Millennial

Let’s admit because of Social media there is an awful standard to beauty set among the people irrespective of gender. Men below the height of 5’5″ are made fun of, women should have long hair etc. but I believe women are attacked more as compared to men.

I don’t particularly appreciate how beauty standards are everything on social media; It is like without having a perfect nose, fair skin, thick hair, groomed down there you are nothing. The hours you spend in office is nothing, the hard work you did to get your degree is nothing, your net worth is nothing, the struggles, the travels and the positive aura you build around yourself is nothing until and unless society calls you as ‘physically attractive.’

Before social media age, unrealistic standards were hard to be tapped by us because it was a rare occasion to read a magazine or watch an interview, but with everything being available on one click it is hard to ignore it.

And the worst part is parents are encouraging early access to toxic thing like phones, stop glorifying the fact that your kid can open phone from a young age, you are giving them early access to unrealistic toxic e world available out there waiting to churn in anyone who loves themselves.

A tête-à-tête With Insecure And Depressed Millennial

There are so many on-demand apps available to make yourself look fair, touch up your nose, add highlighter, make your double chin vanish, your acne, pimples everything will be gone, we try so hard to be perfect online that we end up with no life offline.

Every time I go back home- they don’t appreciate my job, my achievements or anything- they say get skinny and fair else you will never get married and honestly, it is a very demotivating thing to hear.

When I had my severe accident in 2014, one of the people who come to visit me said- now you will keep gaining weight, and that’s an awful thing to say to someone who is going to be on bed for months. And that’s how my love and hate relationship with my body began.

I have been at the position where I didn’t eat anything for days, and I have been at a place where I eat a whole cake in one sitting- I took a lot of time to have guts to look at my naked body without feeling bad about it.

After my relatives’ pressure, I went to see a Bariatric surgery expert, and after all the checkups she said, ‘There is a difference between being obese and fat. Obesity is a problem, a fat person can be healthy, and such surgeries should be the last option, do you want to try with self-love and healthy lifestyle ‘ and I choose to go healthy.

Never been happier, I know surgery was a choice- and I choose to give a chance to my self-control first. I think if you can influence people’s mind do things in the right direction, you should. Start with self care.

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