Bollywood celebrities stand together for brutality against women

Bollywood celebrities

Bollywood celebrities are known to be vocal about their feelings on social media. As the entire nation continues to boil with rage over the alleged gang-rape and murder of a 27-year-old veterinarian in Hyderabad, Bollywood celebrities too are not mincing their words this time as they take to social media to condemn the brutal killing.

The brutal gang rape and subsequent murder of the veterinarian shocked the entire nation. Three more incidents that also got reported this week-a woman in Tamil Nadu was raped by four men, a law student abducted and raped at gunpoint near Ranchi’s VIP zone, a minor gang-raped in Vadodara, Gujarat. And apart from that, a 36-year-old survivor and her husband were attacked in Kota, Rajasthan, by her rapist who was out on bail.

The gruesomeness of these acts has led people from all walks of life taking to social media to voice their concerns regarding the safety of women and girl children in India. Many Bollywood actors also tweeted condemning these acts.

Here are some of the tweets:

Further, there have been certain people who are portraying this case in a twisted communal angle. In an interview, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad, Prakash Reddy asserted that there is no communal angle to the brutal rape and murder of a young veterinarian in Hyderabad earlier this week. Reddy clarified that the accused “are from all the major communities”. He added that “both Hindus and Muslims are accused in this case.” “We will definitely take action against those who are giving this a communal angle,” Reddy said.

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