Facebook and Instagram down, Twitter offers respite

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram were not available to users on Thursday evening in India and some other parts of the world, people shared their horror on Twitter. The two social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, owned by Facebook Inc were reportedly down across the world on Thursday evening.

Many users reported that the apps appear to work but aren’t actually pulling anything new, instead just showing whatever they’ve got cached from before the servers went down. Others weren’t even able to get the page to load. The issue has been seen across the world, although, it does not appear to affect all users the same. The affected areas include the US East Coast, Central Europe, and East Asia, and India. 

While the Facebook login page said: Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. Instagram simply admitted: Oops, an error occurred.

As usual, as soon as these platforms went down, the users rushed to Twitter to figure out what is happening. And within minutes #FacebookDown and #InstragramDown were trending worldwide with an onset of hilarious memes.

Here are some memes:

After people pointed out the issue, Instagram tweeted saying they are aware of the issue and are working on it. This was followed by another tweet that confirmed that the issue has been fixed.

Even Instagram followed the meme brigade and had a funny take on the whole issue, posting a meme from the iconic sitcom “Friends” as part of their apology.

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