Film Suicide or Murder casts its villain, a producer named Nepoking


 A movie titled Suicide or Murder: A Star Was Lost is being made by director Shamik Maulik which would be based on how actors with no film background are treated by the industry when they try to make their career in the movie world.

The first look of the film was unveiled a while back and introduced Sachin Tiwari as the ‘outsider’. Model Rana has been cast as the ‘villain’ in Suicide or Murder, an upcoming film starring Sushant Singh Rajput lookalike Sachin Tiwari, but ‘not’ a biopic on the actor’s life. Rana, whose character is called Nepoking, is a film producer who wears large glasses and has perfectly styled hair.

“He is a Big Shot Film Producer. But he only launches star kids. Introducing #RANA as ‘The #Nepoking’ in #SuicideOrMurder,” a social media post announcing the casting read. Previously, Sushant lookalike Sachin Tiwari had been cast in the role of an ‘outsider’ in the film industry.

Producer Vijay Shekhar Gupta told the Indian Express, “My film is a tribute to those who have fallen victims to the nepotistic approach of the bigwigs and to expose the game the big producers play. The film is definitely not a biopic of Sushant Singh Rajput but inspired by the lives of outsiders who allegedly fall victim to nepotism that prevails in the film industry.”

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