House of Masaba honors LGBTQ Community with its new Valentines Collection

Love is about manifesting, espousing and, trailing the feelings it knows no bounds. The House of Masaba always stands out from the ordinary and believes in doing something influencing and empowering. This time the clothing brand chose to celebrate the courageous souls who know no limit and aren’t afraid to love and show it too.

She named her newest Valentine Collection- #PyaarKiyaTohGenderKya!!

She took to Instagram to share about her new collection, she wrote- “Love knows no bounds, it doesn’t fit into any fixed dimensions. It’s about expressing, embracing, feeling & just being the best version of you. Unfazed by labels, it’s limitless & the termination of article 377 just proved that Love will triumph all!

As a brand, we’ve always believed in mending the rules & standing out. Let’s celebrate you & you love as it is, real, pure & unique, because only you can tailor your love!

This Year, House of Masaba found a rainbow in a rather grey cloud & expresses love in all its glory. Here’s a glimpse of the love that doesn’t fit any specific definition, love that is tailor-made by real people. After all, Pyaar Kiya Toh Gender Kya!

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The campaign is modeled by Shruti Venkatesh & her partner, Haima Simoes, along with designer Masaba Gupta’s friend Anisha Sharma & her partner Bhakti.

Take a look-

You go Girl!!

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