Internet Is Filled With The Memes Of Pathani Kid’s ‘Peeche Dekho Peeche’

What a great it is to watch kid’s videos online after a stressful and rough day at work. Not just those videos are full of cuteness but it also comes with the full of baggage with happiness and innocence.

The best part of this digital era is that not just we can see these videos but we can also share them with all our loved ones to make their lives much better.

In the list of all the popular kids, the most famous kid that always makes the internet go crazy with his amazing pictures is the Taimur Ali Khan. Now it also seems that the ‘Chote Nawab’ has got new competition. A little Pathani boy video is nowadays going so much viral on all the social media channels and his epitome cuteness that has even evoked the netizens to compare him with the Taimur.

The boy’s conversation in the Pathani accent is breaking the meme of the internet and he is fondly called as ‘Piche Dekho’ boy. He also seems to be in a conversation with his relative in the video and he is also capturing all his antics. The main highlights of the video are his cute little smile when he gets so much distracted by a hen amid the conversations.

Check out some of the memes:

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