Malang Movie Review: 'Malang' a perfect blend of romance and thrill

In the movie, Aditya Roy Kapoor plays the role of Advait, who is a bit of an introvert, and Disha Patani plays the role of Sara, who is a free-spirited girl from London. The story revolves around the dramatic life events in the lives of Advait and Sara and the impact they have on each other’s future after crossing their paths of two police officers. The roles of the police officers, Anjaney Agashe and Michael Rodrigues, are played by Anil Kapoor and Kunal Kemmu, respectively. Advait and Sara meet during their trip to Goa. Sara visits India for the first time and looks forward to living her life to the fullest.

They both later feel attracted to each other and plan to have most of their time together. All goes well until an unfortunate turn propels their lives into a swirling motion.
Five years later, Advait goes on a killing spree on Christmas night. Anjaney Agashe, a police officer who usually doesn’t follow the law, and Michael Rodrigues, a seemingly righteous cop, go on a mad hunt for him. The whole film unfolds with uncovering of reasons for the Advait’s doings and actions.
Aditya throughout the movie impresses the role of a guy whose life goes through major turmoil. Aditya’s performance in the movie is commendable and could not be missed out. Also, his physical transformation did add weights to the punches and kicks, and all action pack he rocked throughout the runtime. While the stunning actress Disha Patani made most of her role in this movie, unlike her other characters that had been played so far. The chemistry between the two leads is contagious to watch. Anil Kapoor, the forever Young man, replenishes up his role for the movie with his extravagant and attractive personality, no doubt that no other actor would have been a best suit for this.

Director Mohit Suri has ensured to maintain a substantial grip on the plot with the roles being performed. He has made sure that the audience remains intrigued by the drama that followed one after the other. In this film, none of his characters are unidimensional, which makes them appealing. The film commences with a power pack of action and goes deep into dramatic events of characters’ lives. Though there are two interesting twists in the plot, which is making the movie more interesting.
The music in the movie is one of the strongest parameters that will remain stuck with the audience even after leaving the screens.
In an overall sense, Malang is a great movie that presents the dedicated roles of the actors in a very exhaustive and compelling way, exploring each one’s inclinations to the whole.

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