Pakistani Bride wears tomatoes as jewelry in a bid to mock the economy

Amid surging tomato prices, a bride in Pakistan found the perfect way to troll the state of the economy and draw attention to the issue. Ditching the traditional gold and diamond jewelry which is a staple at most weddings, the bride chose to sport a necklace, earrings other ornamental items made of tomatoes.

A video of the bride speaking to a local journalist was shared on Twitter by journalist Naila Inayat. In the video, the bride announced that her family had given her three boxes full of the red, juicy, vitamin and mineral rich fruit cum vegetable.

“Gold is expensive, and now even tomatoes and pine nuts are expensive. That’s why I am wearing tomatoes instead of jewelry,” the bride can be heard telling the reporter. She added that parents who had given their daughters tomatoes for her wedding had “given her everything”.

Viewed over 24 thousand times, the post has been flooded with people reacting to the video. While some found the idea “innovative”, others called the bride the “richest” woman in Pakistan.

Last week, tomato prices surged in Pakistan, crossing the Rs 300 mark per kilo.The steep rise in prices is the result of Pakistan banning tomato imports from Iran, Afghanistan and India.

In fact, the situation is so severe that thieves have started targeting tomato crops for profit. On Monday, local media in Pakistan reported that many farmers had started hiring guards to keep watch over their stores of tomato.

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