PM Narendra Modi Movie Review: Invites Audience To The Propaganda Parade

'PM Narendra Modi' Movie Review: Invites Audience to Propaganda Parade

The much-awaited biopic of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi got released on May 24, 2019. Directed by ‘Mary Kom’ fame director Omung Kumar, the film features Vivek Anand Oberoi in a titular role. After getting a long delay from the election commission, the biopic of PM Narendra Modi finally got released subsequent to the announcement of Lok Sabha Election result 2019.

One would be quite unsure whether to call ‘PM Narendra Modi’ movie, a biopic, would be justifiable or not. The biopic is supposed to portray the life incident’s of a person on a silver screen, not whitewash the personality of the same. From dialogues to shot divisions; every excerpt of the film was designed to provide the heroic approach to the protagonist. It was more like an advertisement visual of 131 minutes; designed for the campaign of the leader.

PM Narendra Modi Movie Review
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From acting to dialogues, plot points of the PM’s life to his Messiah portrayal of being; every bit of the movie was over the top. All the time it was giving an illusion as if one is witnessing a story developed for a 5-year-old kid. A story in which the hero can do no wrong. A story where whatever the hero does is justifiable. A story where the hero will save the world. It is definitely not a biopic but a superhero flick; a superhero with zero mistakes and zero faults.

At some point, the PM Narendra Modi movie will resemble the Guru Ram Rahim Singh Insaan’s ‘Messenger of God’. No one would ever wonder why? One will realize by themselves while watching the PM’s biopic or one can say PM’s advertorial.

It is hard to conclude whether the movie was made for the general public or for the followers of PM Modi. Looks like the producers are only interested in cashing their money, and the ideal to do so is to create a Modi world for the party’s supporters. After the so-called biopic of Sanjay Dutt, here’s another biased propaganda film disguised as a biopic. Well, it’s a double treat for the Modi’s followers and double trouble for the movie lovers.

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