Ranveer Singh to replace Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Don 3’

At the time of thinking for the movie Don, it only reminded us of Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachan. While there was news which is kept on spreading that SRK will soon be going to start with the shooting for the Farhan Akhtar Don 3, but now some of the reports suggest that after walking out from the Rakesh Sharma Biopic, King Khan has also stepped out from the Don3 as well.

Yes, you are right, according to the report and news: “Now king khan has opted out of the Don 3 due to some of the personal reasons, and the Zoya Akhtar Production movie is still in works and operational. But there is news which is kept on spreading that now the lead male role is being played by the Ranveer Singh for the Khan spots and both of them are still in talks”.

Ranveer Singh to replace Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Don 3’

Now just this, if the Ranveer Singh signs movie with the Zoya, then she will consider another favorite of hers: Katrina Kaif as a lead role of a female.

Earlier it was news that the Don 3 will come on the theaters by the mid of 2019 and the production house is looking for a female lead, but with the news of SRK walking out from the Don 3, the hunt for both the male and female lead again starts.

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