Viral Photo of Ranu Mondal fake, makeup artist shares real picture

Ranu Mondal has been in the news all week long, but not for the right reasons. A photo that saw her wearing over-the-top and bright makeup with the wrong shade of foundation for her skin-tone recently went viral on social media. The woman, whose rags-to-riches story touched us all, soon became the butt of jokes and sadly, for no fault of hers.

Ranu Mondal’s make-up photos started a meme-train on social media with trolls having a field day poking fun at the singing sensation. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were bombarded with photoshopped images of Ranu Mondal. Calling the makeup bad, people even compared her to the nun from “Conjuring”.

And after so much was said and done, it was discovered that the picture that had been circulated was fake. The makeup artist who also faced the brunt, took to Instagram and posted what she claims to be the real picture of Mondal post her makeover. One picture showed a real picture of Ranu where she can be seen in natural-looking makeup. The other one is the viral picture under which the words ‘Fake Picture’ are written.

She wrote, ‘As you can see, this is the difference between the work that we have done and the ‘fake’ picture that has been edited to an extent. All the jokes and trolls are fine and they make us laugh too but to hurt someone sentiments that’s are not a very good thing to do. We truly hope that you all will understand the truth and realise the difference between the fake one and the one that is genuine. That’s all we ask for.’

Even as the fake picture was getting circulated, many people on Twitter spoke in favour of Ranu. They tweeted about the ruthlessness of people when it comes to trolling. They also talked about how Ranu did not deserve such treatment, given the fact that she comes from a poor background and has come up for her talent.

Unfortunately the notion of “humour” has become so contorted in the age of free internet, that laughter at someone else’s cost is the only way we know. If the photo is indeed true, that should shut haters up and maybe we can finally let Ranu Mondal live her life the way she pleases.

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